Can your MSP's technicians close this many tickets

Can your MSP’s technicians close this many tickets?

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Ever wondered how efficient your techs are? Now you can compare them to these stats from an outsourced helpdesk that handles 3,000 tickets a month

One of the hardest things about running your own MSP is that it's too easy to feel you are operating in a silo (in a little bubble, cut off from everyone else).

The hell of staff, marketing, finances and everything else we have to deal with single-handed is what can make us business owners feel lonely.

This is perfectly normal! And actually MSPs have some of the greatest support communities I've ever seen, such as The Tech Tribe (affiliate link) and my MSP Marketing Facebook group.

You Are Not Alone. Which means virtually every challenge you have to deal with, there is someone out there with guidance.

Take your techs. Have you ever wondered how efficient they are?

Wonder no more. Earlier this year I interviewed the awesome Jason Kemsley from Uptime Solutions, an outsourced helpdesk.

They have 37 help desk staff handling 3,000 tickets a MONTH on behalf of 180 MSPs. That sounds like a big headache to me 😃

But it means that Jason and his team are able to assess what good performance looks like for all three levels of technician. They also know what extra ticket load every extra user brings. Because they are growing so fast, this is critical to help them recruit ahead of demand.

Here are the stats Jason told me, so you can compare them to your technicians.

First line technicians: 10 to 14 tickets a day

If they're not achieving this, it means they are not bought into your MSP's culture, or their base knowledge just isn't there.

Second line technicians: 8 to 12 tickets a day

This includes escalations that may have happened too quickly.

Third line technicians: 0 to 4 tickets a day

Third line techs can potentially deal with such complicated issues that there are days where they don't complete a ticket.

Now let's look at ticket burden from clients.

The average client submits 1.4 tickets per person (user), per month

Now you have all the stats you need to assess the efficiency of your team, and whether your clients are creating more noise than average.

Of course, just giving you the stats here cuts out the context given to them by Jason. I recommend you listen to his interview in my MSP Marketing podcast, or read the transcript.