Break big goals into bitesize chunks

Paul Green Uncategorized

Want to achieve something impressively big over the next 12 months? Me too.

But big goals are too intimidating; too scary; too large for us to get started on them.

So break them down into the smallest bite size chunks you can.

In fact, why not just focus on what you can achieve today?

Let me take a non-business example. “I want to be fit” is too big a goal. But saying “I will go for a 30 minute walk today” is easy to succeed at. You can do that today and feel great that you’ve done it.

Which means you’re more likely to repeat it tomorrow. And the day after. And after that.

The secret to achieving big lofty scary awesome goals, is to give yourself a small level of success every single day. Over a period of time these little things will add up to something bigger.

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