Your brain has some awesome ideas waiting for you this Christmas

Paul Green Uncategorized

I love holidays. Not just because I adore sun and sand. But because after a few days of genuine rest, my brain hits me with the most stunning business ideas.

I’m sure you’ve had this happen to you. Three or four days into a holiday, you’ve finally started to relax… and then your brain starts whirring with all these things you could do to improve your business.

Suddenly you get all excited and fired up, and in a way can’t wait till you can start working again. Just after you’ve had a few more cocktails…

Our brains are designed to work this way. There’s a problem solving part of our brain that never sleeps. It’s constantly whirring away solving problems for us. Often it delivers the ideas to us in the shower (after a hard night’s processing).

When you go on holiday and clear all of the day to day clutter out of your mind, its so much easier for your brain to make terrific leaps in thinking, and generate truly innovative ideas.

Christmas is a few weeks away, and there’s a really good opportunity for you to encourage this effect (whether you’re actually going away on holiday or not).

Here’s some stuff I recommend you do now, to aid your brain.

1) Be clear on what you want in 2017: The brain works best when it’s had clear direction on the goal. Write your goals down and make them SMART so your brain has utter clarity on the desired outcome.

2) Set the problem, then sleep on it: When you’re trying to fix a new problem for the first time, the answer is not to intently sit and try to solve it. Instead, feed the problem into your brain then go do something else. The answer will be delivered to you down the line.

3) Just relax: It’s Christmas. Take some time off. Shut yourself off from the daily clutter. Talk to your other half. Play with your children. Eat too much. Socialise with friends. Your brain needs a rest, and performs better when refreshed. I promise, you’ll get better quality answers by doing this. And have better relationships with the important people in your life. Hooray! A double win.