5 days that will change your MSP's profitability (and your own personal income) for ever

"There are very few business (and personal) problems that can’t be
solved, if you have plenty more cash available to throw at them"

Introducing The Ultimate MSP Net Profit Boot Camp

Paul Green's MSP Marketing

Hello, it's Paul Green here. In all the years I’ve been working with MSPs, I’ve come to really love this sector. You have a great business model!

There’s no other type of business out there, that:

1. Routinely keeps clients for years

2. Has such high levels of MRR (monthly
recurring revenue) as standard

3. And reinvents itself every 7 years or so,
constantly keeping it fresh

But I’ve realised there’s a downside to that – it can make the MSP owners and managers lazy.

Not lazy at doing the technical work or great customer service. But lazy at the marketing; the sales; and generating a pleasant amount of net profit out of the business every year.

Which is crazy. Because with a business model like this, you should have a lot more left to show for it at the end of each month.

The business is supposed to be there for you; not the other way round. Its whole purpose is to give you a great life; while delighting your clients and giving your staff meaningful work to do.

That’s why I’ve created The Ultimate MSP Net Profit Boot Camp. It’s an instructive (and entertaining) 5 days, that will completely change the net profit situation in your business.

And the results are guaranteed.

It takes the foundations of any MSP and explores them in much greater detail. Plus adds hundreds of extra details, clever ideas, strategies and tactics.

I’ve developed these over 15 years as a business owner myself. And from my work helping thousands of people free themselves from the prison that is their business.

This is easier to do with an MSP than any other kind of business. You literally have nothing but yourself standing in your way.

The goal is to generate higher levels of robust net profit for you. Robust means there is no damage to the business to generate that net profit, and it will continue year after year, after year.

Join me for 5 days and let’s work on transforming your business together. I’m looking forward to working with you. Here are the details of what we’ll do together.

Days 1 & 2

This first block of two days dives into the growth subjects that most MSP owners and managers find hardest:
  • Getting new clients
  • Getting most out of your staff; and
  • Making change happen faster
Tuesday 4th & Wednesday 5th February 2020 Holiday Inn Central, Milton Keynes

  • Getting New Clients

    Day 1: Getting new clients

• Meet your new peer group
• Ultimate MSP marketing system for new clients
• Focus on LinkedIn (the number one
prospecting tool for MSPs right now)
• Differentiation: Why your website makes it
impossible to tell you apart from all the other MSPs
• AMA with Paul

  • Accelerating results

    Day 2: Accelerating results; staff; your personal productivity; and taking rapid action

• Finishing off the marketing system, and your MSP's marketing plan
• Where your business loses money: Staff, systems and the
leadership void
• A system to triple your productivity (while spending more time with your family)
• Speeding up implementation to get better results, faster
• Build your own 100 day rapid change action plan
• Getting you on the Boot Camp Facebook group
• Weekly implementation helplines

Day 3 & 4

This second block of two days picks up the work started in the first block. Then looks at dramatically growing MRR, including a bunch of suggested services to sell. And finishes with a wake up call about how much of your precious life the business is sucking away from you... and how to change that, for good.

  • Advanced Marketing & Growing your MRR every week

    Day 3: Advanced marketing + growing your MRR every week

• Your progress reports
• The advanced marketing boosters that dramatically accelerate results
• Exploding your MRR with the profit matrix + strategic reviews
• You should be selling these MRR services to your clients
• Turning marketing into money: Your 2 strand sales system

  • The life and lifestyle you always wanted

    Day 4: The life and lifestyle you always wanted

• More advanced marketing
• If you only had 5 years left to live...
• The Ultimate Transformation: A business that thrives
without you
• Final AMA with Paul
• What will happen at your MSP Mastermind day
• Build your second 100 day rapid change action plan

Days 3 & 4

This second block of two days picks up the work started in the first block. Then looks at:
  • Practical advanced marketing methods
  • Dramatically growing MRR, including a bunch of suggested services to sell
  • And finishes with a wake up call about how much of your precious life the business is sucking away from you... and how to change that, for good
Tuesday 19th & Wednesday 20th May 2020 Holiday Inn Central, Milton Keynes

Day 5: Your MSP Mastermind

On day 5 you’ll join me as a special guest at one of my small MSP Mastermind groups (there are a range of dates available to you). Where days 1 to 4 are all about training... day 5 is a heavy focus on implementation. You’ll be one of no more than 13 MSPs around a boardroom table. And everyone is guaranteed not to be in competition with each other. We spend all day talking about each other’s businesses. It’s a very safe, collaborative process. You’ll get some incredible insight into what even more MSPs are doing to grow their business and net profit. In the event there is an ongoing vacancy in the MSP Mastermind, you’ll have an option to apply to join after this 5th day. But there’s no obligation to do so, of course.

Right throughout this process, there’s direct 121 help from me available to you every single week

Every week, Paul has a one hour video call, called the Implementation Helpline. You’ll be able to dial in at any time during that hour, to chat to Paul 121. And you can ask anything about implementing change in your business, at any level of detail (strategic or tactical).

Paul’s 100% cast iron money back guarantee

I truly believe this course could be life changing for you and your family. Because the more net profit you make, the more robust your business, and the more options you have.

I give you my 100% cast iron guarantee that if you attend all 5 days of this course, and implement what I recommend you do, this course will be worth at least twice your investment, in extra net profit.

And if it’s not, just tell me, and I’ll give you your money back.