Business and marketing books I recommend

I read a business book every week (on average). I keep the very best ones on some special bookshelves in my library (aka my spare room):

Selection of Business Books

Below are the books I recommend to you.

If you buy any of the books by clicking the links on this page, I will be given a 5% commission from Amazon. If you’d rather I didn’t get that (which is OK with me) just go to (or the book seller of your choice) and search for the title.

Ninja tip: How to consume more books, even if you have little spare time Every time I drive somewhere, I listen to a business audiobook from Audible. Individual books can be quite expensive… instead, I have a monthly subscription that costs me only £7.99 a month and gives me a new book every month. You can get a 30 day trial by clicking the Audible image below.

Getting the sales and marketing basics right

  • And everything written by Dan Kennedy, especially his No B.S. guides

Influencing the way your clients think and act

Systemising your business

Being a better leader

Exiting your business

Sharpening your business owner mindset

Cash flow and profitability

Growing your business