Are your MSP's prospects driven by fear and greed?

Are your MSP’s prospects driven by fear and greed?

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It's only MSPs that buy technology. Ordinary business owners and managers buy outcomes. Here's what they want, and what they fear

Are your MSP's prospects drive by fear and greed?

In a word... 😃 --> YES <-- 😃

No-one picks an MSP because they want technology things done for them. The tech stuff is just the route to get to the outcomes they want.

What business owners and managers want

  • More cash to spend
  • More free time in which to spend it
  • Less hassle

And what they're scared of:

  • Losing money
  • Making mistakes
  • Damage to their reputation or pride

Wait... aren't these the things you want, and are scared of?


Then please stop marketing to your leads and prospects about dull stuff like Azure. Talk more about the outcomes of great technology, than the tech itself.