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Are you ghosting your MSP’s prospects?

Paul Green Uncategorized

Have you ever heard of the concept of ghosting?

It's where someone just stops communicating with you - whether it be a friend, or someone you're dating (story of my dating app life, coincidentally).

But this also applies to your MSP's prospects.

The thing with prospects is, they only buy when they are ready to buy.

And your job is to keep the marketing flowing consistently until that day. Maybe it's the day they've finally had enough of their existing provider and are ready to make the leap to someone new.

But, if you stop marketing to them in any way before that point, you're ghosting them.

And that means they won't be thinking of your name the day they're ready to buy. Which is crazy.

So, the goal is to keep marketing to them until one of three these things happen;

1. They buy (cue celebration dance)

2. They say "bye bye",  ie they opt out of your marketing

3. They die. 

Seeing as most of them aren't going to do that last one any time soon, you need to just keep marketing to them.

It's not as terrifying as it sounds - I've actually got a video about how to set up a very simple consistent marketing system on my YouTube channel here.

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