An email you can send to generate work this week

An email you can send to generate work this week

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One of the things I talked about a few weeks ago, was the opportunity to generate some break/fix work from people frustrated with their work from home setups.

I think we’re probably near the end of that phase. After that, it’ll be a waiting game till people start talking about a return to (a new) normal.

I’ve been feeding the 150+ MSPs who use my MSP Marketing Edge service with regular Coronavirus content they can use.

And here’s something you can use, today.

It’s an email to send out to your prospects. Designed to uncover anyone who’s still sitting at home, frustrated.

Might generate you a little bit of welcome extra revenue. And you never know, it might lead to a proper conversation with your new client. About the frustrations they have been having with their incumbent MSP.

The email is in a Word document, you can download below.

PS if you notice I don’t the words Coronavirus or Covid-19 in the email, that’s because they are massive spam filter triggers.

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