Project New Client Ammunition

It's time to load up your MSP with ammo, ready to steal unhappy clients from lazy MSPs...

Special thanks to Ben Stupples for handing this idea to me on a plate a few weeks ago 😃

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You know my thoughts on this. I've been banging on about it for weeks now.

While you've been doing a great job looking after your clients, a number of your competitors haven't. They've under serviced their clients. Left them with poor work at home arrangements. Possibly even put their data at risk.

And to put it bluntly, they've pi**ed off a lot of their clients.

Some of whom, have already decided to leave them for a new MSP. The only thing is, because of lockdown/quarantine, they haven't taken action yet.

Project New Client Ammunition is about giving you the ammo to hoover up those unhappy clients when they start to take action and look at switching MSPs.

You're going to create a marketing campaign that directly addresses their frustrations with their incumbent MSP - and leverages your existing happy clients to win new clients. Lovely.

There's so much you can do with this simple idea. At the heart it's a 3 step process.


Collect a very specific type of social proof


Prepare a marketing campaign ready to roll out


Flood your marketplace with messages at exactly the right moment

And yes, you carry on with all your long-term marketing and relationship building while you do this.

Here's the specifics of how I see it working.

Now: Collect a very specific type of social proof

It's called social proof because most people prefer to do, what most other people are doing. Safety in numbers.

So you're looking for testimonials and reviews from your clients that specifically address how well you looked after them during a) the rush to work from home, and b) the lockdown in general.

This is not a time for general testimonials. They have to be about the lockdown.

Who to ask: Your happy clients. All of them. Just be 100% sure they ARE happy with the current service before you ask. Nothing aggravates an unhappy client more than a mistimed testimonial request.

How to ask: Put this into your own words and email it to them:

Subject line: Can I ask a favour please

Body: Hi NAME. Can I ask a favour please. We're always looking for more clients like you. I'm going to launch a marketing campaign soon. And at the heart of it, I'd like my favourite existing clients to tell my future clients why they should join us.

How would you feel about telling us how well we've looked after you during the change to working from home, and then during the lockdown?

You can either hit reply to this email with your testimonial. Or leave a review here (link).

The review link can be Facebook, Google or the independent service of your choice. Doesn't matter.


27/4/20: Google has temporarily closed its reviews. People can leave reviews but they're not being published. So avoid this platform for now.

4/6/20: This appears to have been resolved now

What to do with them: What you're looking for are a series of positive reviews that you can screenshot, including their name. That's important. Oh, and make sure you thank the clients who do this.

Then: Prepare a marketing campaign ready to roll out

The screenshots need to be at the heart of this campaign.

Your key messages are:

  • How well did your IT support firm look after you during lockdown?
  • Our clients were delighted with the way we supported them
  • Here are screenshots of what they said

You should then fully prepare a series of marketing tools, ready to roll out. Including:

  • A really hot web page, featuring:
    • Headline reiterating the key messages
    • The screenshot testimonials
    • A photo of you or your team
    • Some info about your MSP
    • A call to action to book a phone appointment (Calendly or Microsoft Bookings)
  • Organic content for LinkedIn and Facebook. To be published every 3 days for a month
  • Advertising campaigns for Google, LinkedIn and Facebook
  • A 4 page well designed sales letter to post to prospects
  • An email sequence to email to prospects
  • A telephone script for your telephone people

NOTE: These materials will all be provided to active MSP Marketing Edge members in May, as part of your membership. This will be the first of our Campaigns in a Box. Details to follow soon.

Later: Flood your marketplace with messages at exactly the right moment

That campaign should be 100% ready to roll out as soon as possible. We're trying to catch that moment when other MSPs' dissatisfied clients are ready to take action.

When will that be? Very hard to tell at this point. Certainly it would be better to launch this campaign too early than too late.

We're in uncharted territory here. But we'll keep talking about it in the Facebook groups, and I'll email you of course if I think I spot the right moment.

😀 Questions 😀

There's a lot to take in here. Read it through a couple of times, then the best place to ask me a question is in our client Facebook group (if you're in multiple client Facebook groups, just use any of them).


24th April 2020