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Hi, this is Paul Green.

The number one question MSPs ask me is "how do I get new clients?". It was the biggest response in a recent MSP marketing survey I ran.

Yet the answer is actually quite simple:

You need to set up consistent, systematic long-term marketing that builds relationships with hundreds of prospects... and then alerts you at exactly the moment they're ready to buy.
Ben Smith

Because, ordinary business owners and managers (the people you want as clients) really don't understand technology. In fact, it scares them a bit.

So when they're thinking of switching from their incumbent MSP, there are some serious psychological factors at play.

They want a better level of service, and technology that just works 😃

But they're scared of switching because they don't understand their technology. And they fear being trapped in a bad relationship with a new supplier who makes it harder for them to do business ☹️

This is why your sales cycle is so long. It's also what feeds the problem of inertia loyalty... where a client stays with their MSP even when they're unhappy with them. Crazy. But it happens a lot.

It's also why, if you want to get serious about your marketing, you have to take a long-term approach to it. That means consistently and systematically:

  • Attracting new leads
  • Building a relationship with them through educational content
  • Shaking the tree, so the hottest ones fall out and start to talk to you

You also need to take into account that business is completely different now.  Covid has changed all the rules.

Some stuff that worked before no longer works. And yes - excitingly - Covid has also created a world of opportunities for ambitious MSP owners.

Because there are a lot of clients out there who have decided to leave their incumbent MSP... they just haven't taken action on it yet. They will, in the months ahead. And if you want a place at the table to talk to them, you need to take action on that NOW.

Let me show you a marketing system that is proven to work for MSPs anywhere in the world

I work with a LOT of MSPs, more than 450+ at time of writing. Some very closely in my mentoring programme called The War Room Others through my content marketing service, the MSP Marketing Edge. And thanks to my client-only Facebook groups, we're talking about their marketing all the time.

This means I've been able to develop over a number of years, a marketing system that works very well for MSPs.

It works, because most MSPs are really lazy with their marketing (that's not meant to be offensive; it's a fact - insane client retention and tons of monthly recurring revenue encourages marketing laziness).

This is great news for you. Because in any marketplace anywhere in the world, you only have to do a bit of marketing (consistently and systematically) to beat your competitors to the pool of prospects. And then you can drink in as much new business as you want.

Join me for the Marketing Accelerator. And I'll show you that MSP marketing system in a unique live training programme

Once a week for 5 weeks, we'll jump on a Zoom call for an hour + time for questions. I'll cover the 5 most critical areas you need to address to get your marketing sorted:

Week 1
Your website

The linchpin of your marketing. Everything you need for a website that engages prospects

Week 2
Profit from LinkedIn

Maximise the number one B2B marketing platform for MSPs

Week 3
Build audiences

Attract new leads and warm them until the point they're ready to buy

Week 4
Marketing campaigns

Exciting multi touchpoint campaigns that have a massive impact

Week 5
Success blueprint

Dozens of other areas that will positively & dramatically affect your marketing

Every week
Ask Me Anything

You've got full access to me on each week's call, to ask me anything about your MSP's marketing

Don't worry if you miss a call - they'll be recorded, transcribed and sent to you each week. Plus you'll get a PDF copy of the PowerPoint I use.

Each month's programme is only available to 20 MSPs

May 2021's
Zoom programme

Calls start at 7.30pm UK time
Estimated finish 9pm

Tuesday 18th May 2021

Tuesday 25th May 2021

Tuesday 8th June 2021

Tuesday 15th June 2021

Tuesday 22nd June 2021

6 places left

June 2021's
Zoom programme

Calls start at 6pm UK time
Estimated finish 7.30pm

Wednesday 23rd June 2021

Wednesday 30th June 2021

Wednesday 7th July 2021

Wednesday 14th July 2021

Wednesday 21st July 2021


June 2021:
In person training

Join me on Thursday 24th June in Milton Keynes (UK) for Marketing Accelerator Live!

You'll cover the whole Accelerator programme, but in one day. It's the exact same content and the same price... in a Covid-safe training room... and with lunch included!

10am to 5pm
Doubletree Hotel MK1 1ST


Plus: Make the decision to invest in this programme now, and I'll give you these 3 valuable bonuses

⭐️ Bonus one ⭐️
12 essential business growth documents, worth £219 / $289

We sold these documents as a bundle last year. Each document is packed with marketing and growth advice. They include:

  • Model for the Perfect Business
  • How to generate more cash in the next 90 days
  • The life changing Productivity Planner
  • 50 ways to get new clients
  • 18 low cost, no cost marketing ideas
  • 10 killer ideas for free publicity
  • Business performance snapshot
  • Website marketing checklist
  • Creating unique content for your website
  • Daily support huddle checklist
  • Monthly management meeting agenda
  • System for effective recruitment

⭐️ Bonus two ⭐️
A second place on the Zoom training for a business partner or colleague, worth £297 / $367

Growing your business is always easier when you work alongside someone else. You can invite a business partner or senior colleague to join us for each live training session, and benefit from the full support on offer.

Note: The offer of a second place doesn't apply to the in person training. For that, each place need to be paid for. But you are welcome to take a free place on a Zoom programme for your business partner or colleague.

⭐️ Bonus three ⭐️
Video review of your website by me, worth £97 / $127

Once you've completed all the changes we discuss in the first week of the Marketing Accelerator, ask me to do a review of your website. I'll record a video going through your home page and about us page - the two most important pages on your website - showing you what to change next.

So, to recap, you benefit from these 5 things:

  1. Five weeks of live training, covering the most critical areas for any MSP's marketing
  2. Limited number of MSPs on each call
  3. Full recordings and the PowerPoint from each call
  4. Direct support from me personally to help you fix your marketing
  5. And you get the three bonuses worth £613 / $783:
    • 12 essential business growth documents
    • Your business partner or colleague included in the live training (Zoom only)
    • Video review of your website by me

I've deliberately made this programme a no brainer for you. Including the way you pay for it

UK: £49 + vat
One time payment, by GoCardless
USA + rest of world: $69
One time payment, by card (via Stripe)

If you're already a client of mine and have an active GoCardless / Stripe, we can add this to your existing payment. If not, you can set up a new payment below.

If you've got any questions, email Or skip to the very bottom of the page, and book a 15 minute phone call with my business partner Ben Smith.

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