A call to arms: This is the summer of video marketing

Paul Green business owner's mindset, Content, getting new clients, increasing profit, Videos

Getting business owners and managers to pick your MSP is about influencing them at an emotional level.

Because they’re not in the world of tech, they can’t tell a good MSP from a bad one. So they pick a new one with their heart, not their brain.

And in 2019, there is no faster way to influence someone emotionally, than with a video.

Today I’m making a call to arms and declaring this the summer of video marketing. Over the next 4 weeks, I’ve got a series of videos to help you pull together videos for your business quickly and easily.

In future episodes we’ll look at a recommended kit list; 4 clever content ideas; and how to get your clients on screen giving you testimonials.

Today we start with some stats on just how much online video people watch. And how to get this started in your business… especially if you personally can’t bothered with video!

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