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4 ideas to get more from your MSP’s Facebook page

Paul Green Uncategorized

Facebook is a great way to reach people. Even B2B decision makers, because you can reach them in their downtime. It’s the ultimate way to breeze past the gatekeeper.

Here are four ideas to get more from your MSP’s Facebook page:

  • Encourage conversation by asking questions. Acknowledge replies and interact with those who answer.
  • Keep your posts short. If you have a long story to tell, put it on your website. Post a short summary on Facebook with a link to the web page
  • Focus on photos and videos. Research suggests these are more shared than purely written content
  • Use a social media management platform such as Hootsuite. These allow you to load content to be automatically published in the future, making it more time efficient. You can now schedule directly from within Facebook (click the down arrow on the blue Publish button, and select Schedule)

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