Get Things Done

3 ways to get more done. Today

Paul Green Uncategorized

The secret sauce to growing your IT support business is getting more of the right things done. Here are 3 ideas.

1) Break anything big into teeny tiny chunks

Our brains really struggle with big projects or problems. Where there are dozens of different elements to consider, we can’t quickly get a grip on what action to take first. And that’s a motivation killer.

So break it down into small pieces. Then try to put those pieces into a rough order.

The smaller the pieces, the more likely it is you will progress quickly. Because those small pieces become tasks you can complete. You do them, you tick them, you feel good. And the project moves a little bit closer to completion.

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2) Always do the hardest thing first

Develop the habit of always doing the hardest thing first, and you will find it easier to get more done.

Not only do you get the difficult things out of the way, but everything else seems a lot easier.

Leaving the hard task till last means it looms over you all day. Psychologically, that’s not good.

3) Take more 5 minute breaks

Most IT support owners I know work too hard. Trouble is, the longer you sit at your desk, the less productive you become.

Taking regular breaks is a great habit to develop. Stopping for 5 minutes every hour will increase your overall productivity.

I like to leave my office and go for a 5 minute power walk around the car park. I’m sure the other tenants at the business centre are sniggering at me behind my back, but who cares?

I feel fresher and ready to get cracking again. Plus, it’s good for helping me do more physical activity each day.

I wear a Withings Go on my belt that tracks how many steps I do each day, with a daily target of 10,000 steps. You have to be quite focused to achieve that every day.