3 epic audiobooks for MSPs

3 epic audiobooks for MSPs (that blew my tiny mind)

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Keen to grow your MSP? Always have an audiobook on the go... here are 3 that have blown my mind after 12 years of listening

Next week I celebrate the 12th anniversary of a deep and satisfying love affair that has kept me totally captivated.

This one...


I'm literally never without an audiobook. I have a queue of them waiting to be listened to, or re-listened to. In fact, in researching this newsletter I've re-downloaded some of my early listens 😃

I listen while driving, walking and running. Any time I'm alone and doing something I don't need my brain for, there's a book happening in my ears (or a podcast... I can highly recommend this one).

About two thirds are business and marketing books, the rest sci-fi or Jack Reacher.

This was my first ever audio book...

And the latest...

Tom Hanks

There are dozens and dozens I could recommend to you. Instead, let me throw out 3 of my favourites. All MSPs should listen to these. Including you.

In no particular order...

Never split the difference
A book written by the FBI's former chief hostage negotiator. It will give you negotiation super powers. I have used techniques in this book in the marketing I do for MSPs and to directly save thousands of £££. This guy understands how we really work inside, and how to influence that.

Ghost in the wires
Staying with the Feds, this guy was once the FBI's most wanted man. Kevin Mitnick is a world famous former hacker. And this is the most entertaining book about social engineering you will ever listen to.

Finally, one of my most recent listens. Have you heard of Scrum, a software development methodology? This book lays out how to use it to make things happen in your business. There's so much power in this that I've asked my core team to read it, so we can shift all our change projects over to Scrum.