2022 video call tech stack for MSPs

Video call tech stack for MSPs [updated for 2022]

Paul Green Uncategorized

The ability to produce high quality video is essential for your MSP.

Even if it's just 121 messages for prospects; now that everyone uses videos, you need to up your game.

I finished a major AV hardware and software upgrade in 2021, and have recently added to it again.

Here's my current setup. Not the perfect setup at all; but a lot better than what was in place before.


  • Canon EOS 70D digital SLR camera. It's a 9 year old camera but the quality is amazing. Connected to my laptop with a USB cable, and a special power adaptor supply kit in place of a battery
  • I now use my iPhone for cut away shots rather than a separate webcam. Apple has recently made it simple to use your iPhone as a camera on your Mac. There are many solutions to do this with a PC or Android. I think my next change will see me use an old iPhone as my main 4k camera and relegate the SLR for cut away shots
  • Samson Meteor USB microphone
  • LED lights, an upgrade from my old ring light
  • Stream Deck
  • An Echo Dot so I can turn everything on with Alexa


  • Ecamm Live mixing software. This is Mac only. For PC or Mac you should look at OBS Studio
  • Camtasia 2020 for basic editing. I haven't seen the need to upgrade to the 2022 version

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