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Life is short. Net profits are easy

Hello, my name’s Paul Green, the founder of MSP Marketing.

Owning and running an MSP is bloody hard work, isn’t it? I know this because I’ve been there. Over a decade I grew, then sold a successful B2B marketing company.

I understand the sheer joy (and pure hell) of owning and running an ambitious business. 

I also understand there’s a real risk you’re going to get to the end of your life, look back, and regret wasting your precious time on Windows updates, fighting staff or worrying where your next client was coming from.

That’s why I work closely with the owners and managers of MSPs all over the world. Let’s change things before you get anywhere near the end of your life!

I want to help you make more profit from your business. While taking more holidays. Spending more time with your kids. And having the best possible life.

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